Top 5 Space-Saving Shoe Storage Ideas You Will Adopt Immediately

Oct 11, 2022

Nothing is more frustrating than tripping over shoes, heels, and boots in the hallway. If your wardrobe doesn’t have space, you can use these shoe storage ideas to protect your footwear and prevent injuries.

Top Shoe Storage Ideas That Save Space

Whether you have a large family or a substantial shoe collection, these storage ideas will help you save space:

1. Use a Shoe Tree

Even expensive shoes cannot last forever. With time, creases, folds, and cracks can appear, deforming the shoe permanently, and the material can also get stiff with age. This includes vintage shoes that have curled leather insoles. These can lose their shape and filling if left in a box for years.

Prevent that from happening by investing in a shoe tree. Just hang the shoes and slip-on you wear daily on the ‘branches’ so they won’t lose shape. If they remain in a pile on the floor, they will lose shape and lustre fast.

2. Use Shoe Horns

If you have a large collection of shoes that you rarely wear, don’t keep them stored away. They will lose their shape otherwise. Instead, hang them on wooden shoehorns so they can retain their structure. Make sure you choose the correct size, so the footwear doesn’t stretch out. You can also get adjustable options that you can personalize before placing shoes on the horns.

Don’t place them on there immediately. Allow your shoes to rest for 24 hours after you wear them so the sweat can evaporate. The insert could trap moisture in the shoe otherwise. Try to find shoe horns made of cedar. The wood is pest resistant and doesn’t retain moisture either.

3. Behind the Curtain

Not everyone likes displaying shoes for the whole world to see. Most people like to hide them away till they are needed again. If you don’t want to go for a dusty shoe rack, install one behind a curtain or in a hollow wall. No one will know you have your whole shoe collection behind it, and you can save space.

4. Use Shoe Buckets

Get an attractive bucket, keep it inside, right by your door, and use it for shoe storage. Throwing shoes in there as you come back tired from work will be extremely satisfying. But make sure you use it for old pairs of shoes you wear roughly outdoors. Buckets aren’t designed to maintain the shape of your shoes, after all. Place shoes vertically in the bucket and tie flats with rubber bands to keep them in place and open up space for more footwear.

5. Use Wire Hangers and Sandal Holders

Don’t throw old and damaged wire hangers out just yet. Customize them into sandal holders you can hang in your wardrobe. Cut the bottom out and use a plier to bend the ends into curled hooks. Hang sandals by the thongs or flats from the top of each hook

Bonus Tips for Storing Shoes

Irrespective of the option you choose, keep these tips in mind to ensure your shoes last for years:

Maintain Ventilation around Your Footwear

No matter how you store your shoes, ensure enough air circulates in and around them. Even if you have no time to dry your footwear when you come out of the rain or from a run, the ventilation will do the job for you. Closed storage options will retain odour, so ensure there is enough air circulation to prevent both issues.

Clean Shoes before Storing Them

Besides drying your shoes, clean them with a cloth, so mud and dirt don’t make their way into storage too. Do this for shoes that you don’t plan to wear anytime soon. This includes winter snow boots, sandals, and galoshes. The dirt can erode the material, and the bacteria can also infiltrate your home leading to diseases. Thoroughly clean and dry these before storing them away.

Expensive footwear can last for years if stored properly and cleaned beforehand. Use the tips mentioned above to ensure this, and you can save money down the line. These storage options can help you make your hobby an investment if you are a collector.

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