What Design Mistakes You Should Avoid In Your Bedroom

Nov 9, 2021

Today, we will talk about what design mistakes you should avoid in your bedroom. Because probably, we have always talked about what you should do, what colour you should pick or trend you should follow. However, we also thought we could also talk about what you should avoid and NOT do in your home design. To give a start, we wanted to highlight not-to-do things in your bedroom.

What Design Mistakes You Should Avoid In Your Bedroom: Don’t Go Random

The first thing you should stop doing is choosing the colour of your rug randomly. We actually don’t know when this idea could date back but generally, there’s a popular idea that you need a pop of colour in your room. For instance, on some blogs or social media accounts, we see people who picked up a random green, maybe not only on their floor but also even on the walls. These accent colours will look quite disjointed in a bedroom. Nevertheless, if you love colour and think of using accent colours, all I can say is GO FOR IT! But don’t stop on the floor or a particular area. To give you a further example, if you are going for the green rug, also get some green textiles, accessories and introduce your accent colour through other items in the room. Don’t get the exact shade of green. You should get a variety of different tones that way it will blend seamlessly. Also for the other colours, the logic is totally the same.

What Design Mistakes You Should Avoid In Your Bedroom: Red

Another thing you should avoid is using shades of red. Mostly, red is associated with warmth and affection. When it comes to the bedroom, it will definitely create a cold and not-home-like vibe. Probably, you don’t want to live in such a space, huh? If you need an alternate for red, beige colour can create that welcoming ambiance in your bedroom.

Avoid Using The Same Textures

As we mentioned above and as you should avoid using the same exact colour, you should also avoid using the exact textures. For instance, if your bed’s textiles are too fluffy and dense and if you choose fluffy or fringed rug again, that will be an overdose of textures.

What you need to do is to balance it. Like the example above, if you have thick and dense blankets, fluffy cushions or high volume curtains, you might want to choose short piled rugs instead of fringed or faux fur.

Avoid Using Too Many Patterns

And the last thing to avoid is using way too many patterns. Let me say that it’s really easy to mess up a room when you introduce a pattern and are not sure what you are doing. To give you another example, you want to start with a large patterned or floral rug and you want to introduce another print, let’s say with the pillow; you will need to choose a pillow of which patterns are actually micro size. Also, make sure that it is in the same colour palette. That way, it will give the illusion that it’s just a part of one big print.

Alright then, in today’s blog: What Design Mistakes You Should Avoid In Your Bedroom, these are the topics that we’ve wanted to highlight and share with you. Hopefully, that’s been helpful for you 💜

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