Why, as The Rugs family, do we rock?

Aug 11, 2021

In today’s blog, we wanted to go with a slightly different topic rather than product or ‘’inspirations’’ based blogs and we wanted to talk about “Why Do We Rock?”

Okay, let’s be honest, every brand is important and unique for themselves no matter what sector it is in. But when you have a look in a bigger perspective, there are some obvious things that we would like to talk about and remind about our young and dynamic company. Because customer satisfaction is at least as important as some numeric values 😇

Actually, I can count many reasons for that but not to take too long, I will keep them short.


Fast Delivery (like really fast…)

No doubt, now we are all shopping online. Hands down, one of the most exciting sides of shopping online is receiving that parcel and UNPACKING! 🎁

In these cases, you quite naturally don’t want to wait for days or weeks. You want to receive it as soon as possible.

The Rugs would like to introduce ‘’Next Day Delivery”

If you are living in the mainland UK and order during the week, be ready, hurry up and open up some space for your new focal point! It will be in your hands or on the ground next day! 🏡

Why Do We Rock? – Unique Products

As well as being unique, they are really affordable at the same time. However we never compromise on the quality and we are ready to meet your specific expectations.

Looking for a non‑slip rug?

✔️ Here we are

Is your home crowded with kids and babies, your rug gets dirty quickly and you need an easy‑to‑clean rug?

✔️ Our machine washable rugs are definitely what you need.

Do you have a furry friend and are you cautious of their health?

✔️ That’s pretty understandable and it sounds like what our pet‑friendly rugs can sort out. 🐶

In a nutshell if someone asks “Why Do We Rock?”, as I said earlier, I can probably list many more things but I tried to keep it short. 🤓

Please feel free to share your reviews with us 🧡

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