How to Choose the Best Area Rug

Feb 11, 2022

Cold bedroom floors are challenging in the morning. Make it easier to get out of bed on those early mornings by putting down an area rug that’s large enough to give your feet a soft landing. Even if you have wall-to-wall carpeting, you can layer on a cozy area rug under your bed to muffle sound and add color, texture, and pattern to your space. To make sure your area rug is well-proportioned for your size bed, consider the following guidelines.

What Should Be Placed on the Area Rug?

What seems like a simple question requires some thought. A square or rectangular area rug works best under any size bed. But in addition to a bed, you might have two nightstands and a bench by the foot of your bed. You’ll need to make a few small choices about what goes on top of your area rug. There are four options when it comes to placing an area rug under your bed:

  • Only the entire bed frame sits on the area rug.
  • The entire bed frame, nightstands, and a bench at the foot of your bed all sit completely on the area rug.
  • Only the lower two-thirds of the bed, plus a bench at the foot of your bed, sits on the area rug, which leaves the head of your bed and any nightstands sitting on the bare (or carpeted) floor.
  • Only the lower third of the bed, plus a bench at the foot of your bed, sit on the area rug, leaving most of the bed on the bare floor. More of the area rug will jut out into the rest of the room. This option works best if you’re laying a smaller-size area rug down over carpeting to give the room color and texture.

The Sizes for Smaller Rooms

If your bedroom is small, think big when it comes to an area rug. In a smaller room, select a rug that’s large enough to nearly fill up the entire space. Be sure to leave some space for the bare floor between the rug and the walls.

The Sizes for Bigger Rooms

Choosing a rug that’s too small for a large bedroom will throw the space off balance. If you do choose a large rug that fills up most of the room, leave a bit of space between the edges of the rug and the walls.

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