Beautiful Indoor Plants Every Plant Person Should Have

Sep 9, 2022

Plants give you the same level of serotonin as a beloved house pet. If you walk into a room decorated with attractive plants on its windowsills and shelves, you will immediately sense that the air you breathe is fresh and purified.

Most homeowners love to place houseplants in their living rooms or bedrooms, but which of the several indoor plants to choose from and how to take care of them? This task could be quite intimidating for beginners.

This list has compiled the best houseplants, including easy-to-care indoor plants, those which thrive in low light, and tall and attractive indoor plants.

Easy Care Indoor Plants

What’s better than pretty indoor plants than those that are also easy to take care of? These plants are a great choice to keep in your house if you’re a busy person who forgets to water their plants now and then.

1) Swiss Cheese Plants

Their heart-shaped glossy leaves with natural and attractive holes will make you fall in love with them at first sight. Swiss Cheese plants prefer moderate watering, which means watering them once a week is enough. These plants thrive in warm, humid environments and require regular leaf cleaning to maintain that shiny look.

2) Peace Lily

Peace lilies grow well in partial shade but also survive in a room without windows. The best thing about these plants is that they can purify the surrounding air and do not require frequent watering. Keeping their soil damp by watering once a week is enough. The perfect plant for an aesthetic and healthier environment.

Low Light Indoor Plants

Don’t think for a second that you cannot decorate your bedroom with houseplants as it doesn’t have large windows letting in a vast amount of sunlight. Certain plants will thrive in precisely this environment.

1) Snake Plant

Snake plants are visually appealing and an excellent air purifier. The plant produces the highest oxygen levels among all plants. They will even supply you with oxygen at night! They can grow and thrive in any lighting scenario, from bright rooms to rooms with almost no light.

2) ZZ plants

Direct sunlight can scorch the leaves of a ZZ plant, and these plants can also thrive in extremely low-light rooms. This low-maintenance plant has air purifying qualities as it absorbs the carbon dioxide from surrounding air, making it an ideal choice for bedrooms as it looks good and is healthy for your body.

Tall Indoor Plants

Tall indoor plants look striking as they are used to fill corners and give a bold and attractive look to any room. They are a bit costly but easy to grow and take care of, so you can buy a smaller size and grow it in your own house.

1) Areca Palm

Areca palms are kept in a moderate shade as too much exposure to direct sun will cause yellowing of leaves. The mature plants that are almost 7 feet tall are pretty expensive, but you can always buy a small size of this plant since they grow very fast. Besides adding a tropical touch to your room, these plants also purify the air, removing toxins to give you a healthier environment.

2) Fiddle Leaf Figs

The tall indoor plants are expensive, so it is better to buy a small plant because they are easy to grow and take care of. The leaves are large and beautifully veined, and their striking shape makes them desirable for every plant lover. Fiddle Leaf Figs require a lot of direct sunlight, so placing them in front of a window is better.

Calling all the plant lovers! Add these beautiful plants to your living room space or bedrooms if you want to sprinkle a fresh feeling of life and joy and spruce up your indoor area.

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