From Winter to Spring in Easy Steps

Mar 23, 2023

Hey, today we are talking about to get from winter to spring mood in easy steps. Maybe it’s not time to toss the heavy blankets or seal up the fireplace quite yet, but believe it or not, spring is on its way. According to our experts, there are plenty of small ways you can create a greener, livelier vibe that screams "spring" while you wait for the warm weather to officially arrive.

Here are some decorating ideas and suggestions from some of our favourite design pros. We can feel the sun and spring breeze coming through the windows already. 

Small Details Are Important

Transitioning into spring is all in the details, according to designers, Swapping out pillows, candle scents, and artwork can sometimes be all it takes to make a room feel refreshed.

In the winter, we focus on texture and moodier colours for our textiles and so in the spring, we like to incorporate lighter, brighter hues with pops of colour. Adding more colour through smaller details is one way to go.

It can be through any type of accessory, but just adding in a fresh new colour that moves your space away from the winter holiday decor will be really impactful. You can do this with anything, from a stack of colourful books, to adding in coloured throw pillows.

Play with Florals

Most designers agree that florals are a springtime must-have, but that doesn’t mean you need to go with the same old, same old. In fact, it can be fun to use florals for some cutting-edge pattern mixing. 

“There’s a suggestion that floral patterns should only be used in a traditional context.” designers say. Taking a traditional floral design and putting it onto a contemporary sofa or chaise. It is a brilliant way of shaking up the formula.

Make a Colour Change

The best way to brighten up a room for spring is to incorporate colours you might not have had on display in the colder months. While this winter was all about moody tones and heavy fabrics, spring is the time to go light, bright, and airy.

We love beige, green, dusty pink, and soft blues. For patterns and fabrics, think small florals, windowpane plaids, and pinstripes in linen and cotton.

One simple way to transition your home to spring is bringing nature in with colour and prints inspired by the natural world. Integrate botanical or woodland motifs, stone, and other organic textures to create a sense of the organic influence.

Don’t Forget the Kitchen

A lot of spring transitions focus on soft goods in places like your living room and bedroom, but designers say that your kitchen is a great place to start. 

We like subtle additions of natural tones to give spaces throughout the whole home a spring refresh. This can be as simple as adding colourful cookware in the kitchen or linen tableware and neutral dinnerware in the dining area.

One of the favourite ways to incorporate spring into her cooking space is incredibly simple. Keeping fresh seasonal fruit out on the counter brings lots of spring colours into your kitchen. Adding fresh flowers does the same thing to your kitchen, bedroom, or any other room in your home. The flowers also add the scent of spring inside, too.

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