How to Make Your Home Look Cohesive

Feb 25, 2022


In this blog today, we are talking about how to make your home look cohesive. How do you make it feel your whole space belongs together? So, let’s get started with the tips and let’s go!

The first tip and it’s just kind of the tip that’s going to carry throughout the entire blog is



So, I will start with repetition because it’s really easy to understand and we actually all know what it means. It’s repeating different design elements over and over into a space. You might see colours that are repeated throughout the space. In a nutshell, repetition is when things around a space are repeated over and over again, which is quite self-explanatory, right? However, the flow is what’s called rhythm. I don’t mean to make whimsical scenarios but it should feel like someone is taking your eye by the hand but basically walking you through the space because it’s dispersing it throughout the different areas of the home.  I want you to keep it in your mind rhythm is repeating these elements. So that it kind of visually ties the room together. It makes it gives visual interest because it draws the eye around all the different areas of the room.

Alright then, let’s talk about how you can use rhythm and repetition to make your home look cohesive.


The first one I feel like I should be mentioning and I think is easiest for people to understand is colour, of course. When it comes to colours, if you see any colour repeated in a space, it doesn’t have to mean these colours should stick to each other. For example, if you are trying to repeat black details in your room, you might want to scatter the black all around. You might have artwork on the wall which mostly has black tones and shades. You might have it on your pillows and poof etc and you might complete it with a black detailed rug. Things to notice here is you should be repeating your colour throughout the space but in all different areas of the room 😍 It’s kind of the rhythm is really what is driving it all together and making it feel cohesive.


Shape and patterns can be a great way again to make a space feel cohesive. To give you a further example, if you have a round chair, furniture, stools maybe round edges, it’s no surprise to say the dominating pattern in the room would be roundness. In this case, you might at least have two options. First, you might even go for a round shaped rug to maintain that look. Or you might consider getting a rug has round patterns on it. When you see a photo in a harmonious space on social media or the internet, let me tell you this is not an accident. These patterns and shapes are all very intentional.


Before finishing this blog, let’s go back to the first tip about rhythm. Spread these things out throughout the space. I want you to be really mindful of putting them in physically different areas. As I stated above, you shouldn’t be, for instance, putting all the blue items in just one corner and nothing else in the room is blue. That’s definitely not what I’m talking about 😎

To be able to visualize it, if you have a green vase, you can put a few green cushions on your furniture. Then, you can put get an artwork that has some green it and finish it with a green a rug.


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