Paint Ideas for the Kitchen 2022

Oct 11, 2022

If you are sick of your old, weary, and flat-looking kitchen sucking the charm right out of your home, then you’ve come to the right place. Just close your eyes and imagine how incredible your space will look when you ditch the kitchen’s bleh colour and extend it a new lifeline with a pop of paint that’s modern and chic.

Grey, teal, mustard, turquoise – when it comes to paint ideas for the kitchen, they’re as limited as your imagination.

Painting your kitchen is an easy (and pocket-friendly!) way to revamp and invigorate the ambiance of your space. With some basic tools and few buckets of paint, your kitchen can be transformed into a visually arresting space that exudes modern charm and appeal.

Keep scrolling for our list of interesting paint ideas for the kitchen that can transform your space for a lasting impression.

Shades of Emerald

Instead of sticking to one shade, consider painting your kitchen with bold shades of dark green including the cabinets. You can further create visual interest by introducing an exposed brick wall.

Burnt Orange & Soft Pink 

Looking for a statement worthy kitchen? Apply a super soft shade of pink in a plaster-like finish along with hints of burnt orange. This paint idea is suitable for all kitchen sizes and the plaster-like finish will exude the feel of a wallpaper.

Aqua Blue

Give this high-energy colour a try for a contemporary and fresh-looking kitchen. Sky blue is also an excellent option if you wish to give personality to your dull and flat kitchen cabinets

Pale Yellow & Contrasted Floors

For a coastal feel, consider painting the kitchen walls and ceilings with a subtle shade of pale yellow. Adding a contrasted coloured floor (for e.g. a cheerful blue) can take the space to a whole new dimension!

Black & White

This class paint combination is versatile and can seamlessly blend into your space’s backdrop. Black and white kitchens are also good if you are searching for a dose of drama.

Faux Concrete & Teal

Pops of teal paint paired with a faux concrete wall is the epitome of a modern-day kitchen. It is minimalistic yet bold and dynamic.

Cornflower Blue & Patterned Tiles

Searching for a cute, Midwestern look? Pair cornflower blue with a patterned tile for a fun backdrop. You just won’t regret it!

Last Words…

These paint ideas for the kitchen can help you get the most out of your space and will also extend a new dimension to your home’s interior style. So, let these ideas inspire and motivate you to get rid of that obsolete kitchen paint for a home that’s contemporary, fascinating, and visually appealing. Please note that there are several other paint colour schemes available to revive your kitchen, nonetheless, these seven ideas are a good starting point.


So, that’s all for today!

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