The Coolest Bedroom Designs in 2023

Feb 6, 2023

Hello, everyone! Today we are talking about the coolest bedroom designs and trends in 2023!

Even though bedrooms are considered the sanctuary of our homes, they often fall low on the list of rooms to refresh. Instead, shared spaces like living rooms and kitchens steal focus when it comes to seasonal updates—but we’re here to tell you that you deserve a beautiful, updated bedroom for 2023.

With this in mind, we made research about what the experts are saying for bedroom design trends and what they predict for the coming year.

The Combination of Warm, Earthy Tones and Colours

The first thing the experts say that in 2023, bedrooms are warming up. We’ll see a lot of earthy shades with a warm comforting quality, like warm clay and coral, as well as layering in darker shades This adds depth, and the touch of coral adds a modern edge.

Lighting Design is Important

In addition to the colours on the walls, the experts says that in 2023, lighting will also be used to emphasize warmth. Make sure you think about lighting, as it’s so important in a bedroom. Warm filament bulbs bring out the red undertones after dark and envelop the bedroom with a warm glow.

 They also point out that adding a variety of lighting, from overhead lighting to pendant lighting over the nightstands, will allow you to easily adjust to how you are using the space.

Small Details That Look Expensive

It’s also predicted that in the coming year, people will upgrade the small details of their bedrooms with the goal of creating a more luxurious space.

Now more than ever, it’s important that we have spaces of respite, like our bedrooms, that fit our unique needs to relax and retreat. This means something different to everyone—whether it’s investing in more closet space or organization, a luxury item like new bedding, or adding smart technology to make life easier, like automated shades or remote lighting. The trend is to focus on what you need.

The Rugs, Sheets and Beddings in Pretty Patterns

When it comes to design trends in the bedroom, one thing that we have seen is floral and striped items, they tell us. We’re excited to mix our timeless neutral designs with florals and stripes. We like to stick to a neutral palette that allows our customers to change out smaller items like throws and pillows to stay on trend.

Also, they think we’ll be seeing way more patterns introduced in the bedroom. I think linen will still rule the world, but I’m excited to see brands pushing more plaids, stripes, and florals out on their linen products.”

Harmony and Peace

Interior designers say that the current trend toward calming spaces will continue into bedrooms in the coming year. Modern organic colours and textures are still very much ‘in’ and bring such peace and harmony to a space. Low-profile and light furniture continue to be popular and on-trend. The very nature-driven, naturally organic aesthetic in bedrooms will continue to flourish in 2023.

So, hopefully our blog about “The Coolest Bedroom Designs in 2023” has been clear and helpful!

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