Nov 30, 2021

We are here again with another potential and the coolest design trend of 2022. Since Christmas and New Year Eve are coming really fast, maybe we couldn’t even think what the trends might be in 2022, but we are here to get you covered 👯

The Coolest Design Trends of 2022: Minimalism

The first design style I think is going to be popular is “Warm Minimalism

Minimalism is a style trend that is actually not that new. It has been trendy for recent years. So we don’t have to do deep searching on social media or blogs to live that minimalist life. The minimalism we are talking about in this blog and we will see in 2022 will have warmer and more earthy colours compared to cool and plain tones of the minimalism that we know. However, what we are going to see forward is a warmer version of minimalism 🧡

So this is actually in line with the colour trends! We must have seen over the internet people’s colour palettes tend to go into a warmer direction compared to the previous years instead of whites. We are still seeing still in minimalist styles, things are very curated and intentional in what you are bringing into your home. However, we are seeing them in a much warmer colour. So, you should still keep the colour palette fairly monochromatic. It’s going to feel quite neutral because again you want to create kind of a serene calm space in a minimalist style ideally. But that colour palette is going to be a lot warmer than we have seen in the past 🥰

The Coolest Design Trends of 2022: Maximalism

Alright, the next design style that I think is going to be really popular is Maximalism 🦄

I’ve just mentioned that we have had many years of minimalism being kind of very popular and aesthetic although I don’t think minimalism is going away. Maximalism is sort of a response to minimalism. A lot of people are finding that minimalism just isn’t for them. They might want something that has a lot more personality, that is a lot more representative of who they are. They desire a lot more storytelling involved. You are seeing a lot more personality and personal goods brought into the home.

Now, important to say maximalism doesn’t just mean that you will have a hot mess. It actually doesn’t work that way. The rules should still apply 😇 It should feel curated, cohesive and functional! To give you an exact example, as much I see, maximalist spaces that look successful and aesthetic are the ones that sort of mix some vintage pieces. However, it’s mixed with some contemporary pieces at the same time.

Art Deco

And the other design style that I think might be popular is called “Art Deco” This trend is already starting to take off and will keep on. It can actually be the evolution of glam style though. Not-so-trendy-anymore glam styles evolved into an Art Deco style that looks more authentic and aesthetic. It’s moving towards something that is focused on more eye-pleasing look. It has a strong focus on pattern and angled patterns at the same time. These interesting funky curves and patterns are what’s going to make Art Deco quite popular.

Again, that’s the end of another blog delving into the coolest design trends of 2022.

I hope that’s been helpful and inspiring for you!

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