The Impact of Colour in Rug Selection

Sep 13, 2023

A Grey Couch and a Colourful Rug

When discussing visual elements, the first thing that comes to mind is colour. Whether adding a little splash of bright red or neutral beige in your room, you need to find out how it will impact your mood. Understanding rug colour psychology will allow you to choose the right shade.

Colour has the incredible ability to affect our behaviours, thoughts, and feelings. It is a powerful tool in interior design that helps you create spaces which are not only visually appealing but also emotionally engaging.

For a living room, an interior designer usually recommends a rug. To add a little personality to the space, choosing the right colour gives it a dramatic effect. For example, neutral colours make a room appear larger, whereas dark colours give an elegant appearance. Before choosing rug colours for your rooms, you need to determine the space’s purpose. 

Let’s take a look at which coloured rug gives your space the vibe you are going for:

Warm Colours

Yellow, red, and orange are considered warm colours. They are associated with passion, warmth, and energy. They stimulate creativity and conversation, making them excellent dining and living room choices. 

Warm hues create an inviting and cosy atmosphere. For example, an earthy orange rug will give your living room a cheerful vibe, vibrant yellow will create a sense of happiness, and a rich red will make a room appear livelier. 

Cool Colours

Purple, green, and blue are considered cool colours. They evoke feelings of relaxation, serenity, and calmness, making them ideal for your bedroom and meditation room. For example, blue is a calming colour, which helps you wind down after a tiring workday, green is the colour of nature and encourages harmony and balance, and purple infuses calmness and elegance in a room. 

Vibrant Hues

Vibrant colours like electric blue and hot pink make a bold statement and add a sense of drama to your space. They are energetic and associated with zest and vitality. It might feel like they have no space in your house but they work well in rooms such as home offices, art studios, and playrooms where stimulation is needed. A vibrant rug piques your interest and gives you this surge of energy that sparks a fire inside you. 

Remember: A room furnished with a vibrant rug should be balanced with neutral-coloured furniture because too much brilliance is distracting and can become tiresome. 

Neutral Colours

Neutral colours are often described as lacking in vibrancy, muted, and understated. Common colours under this category include black, white, grey, and shades of beige and brown. They are known for their ability to create a sense of harmony and balance in aesthetics and design. Unlike cool, vibrant colours that elicit strong emotional responses, neutrals are wholesome and evoke more subdued feelings.

When selecting a rug in a neutral colour, focus on its patterns and texture to add visual interest and depth to your room. For example, a beige rug with a geometric pattern speaks of luxury, and a plush grey rug creates an inviting and cosy atmosphere.

Metallic Accents

The three most common metallic accents used in interior design are copper, gold, and silver. They add a touch of opulence and luxury to your space. Metallic accents are considered glamorous thanks to their rich shades. A touch of shimmer will add royalty to the room and impress your guest.

For example, gold has a warm and inviting quality. It symbolizes accomplishment and achievement, making it perfect for study spaces and home offices. Silver is a sleek colour with a minimalist vibe. Its cooling effect makes it suitable for spaces where relaxation is essential. The shine of gold and the warmth of red in copper create a contemporary space, which is ideal for the kitchen.

Now that you know what different colours represent and how they influence your mood, you can easily furnish your rooms with the right rugs. Here’s a pro tip when choosing rug colours: Buy your furniture first for the right shade. If your walls are white, you can get a little creative and decorate the space with contrasting colours. 

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