Christmas Rug Picks

Now that you’re here we won’t waste time in writing an amazing first liner to try and keep you engaged. We’ll straight jump onto some amazing Christmas rug picks for this season that will keep you comfy all winter and make an impression in front of those guests walking in.

1. Faux Fur Rugs


These soft fluffy sheepskin rugs will be the perfect element to complete the missing puzzle of your monochrome themed room with warm and earthy tones. You could even keep it under your Christmas tree to bring that magical cozy touch along with the presents. They’re available in various different colours with the added advantage of being machine washable at 30 degrees.

2. Caimas Collection



If you’re looking for a unique design element that goes along with your shiny Christmas decors then the Caimas Collection should be your final choice. With dozens of patterns, styles and colours, this collection will make your living space an eye-catcher at the Christmas Eve gathering.

3. Shaggy Rugs

“I want a really different theme for Christmas this year.” If that’s what you had in mind then here’s a rug for a whole cozy ambience to match your Christmas vibes. The Shaggy Collection would be a great choice if you’re planning to snuggle up under a blanket and sink your toes into warmth & comfort beside your tree. Setting up these rugs right beside the fire would be a cherry on the top to that Christmas vibe.

4. Montana Collection


These beauties are all about the looks. The designs and patterns as part of our Montana collection are meant to catch yours and everyone’s eyes. These rugs will complement the brightness of the lights on your Christmas tree. Talking about the buyer’s advantage, they’re non-static, anti-allergic and easy to hoover and clean. With Modern and Vintage design option, you will not go empty-handed here in this Xmas !

So eventually what we’re trying to say is that ‘The Rugs’ is your one-stop-shop for the perfect rugs to match your room vibe, Christmas vibe, winter vibe and we could go on but you got what we’re trying to tell you. Hope you will like all these Christmas rug picks !

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Merry Christmas