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    Making a Statement with Oversized Rug from The-Rugs

    When it comes to rugs, size matters. Small rugs may bring your décor together, but oversize rugs from The-Rugs can do so much more if you have a large enough space to work with. But these can also suit other spaces.

    How Big Should a Rug Be?

    Your oversized rug should be as large as you need it to be, i.e., as per the space you need it for:

    For Dining Rooms

    These can be used to ground the seating area. On the other hand, choose oversize rugs that suit your table's size for dining rooms. It should be large enough to fit underneath the table and all the chairs.

    For Bedrooms

    Consider an oversized rug that can frame the bed and its surroundings. This includes the sofa, nightstands, etc.

    For Living Rooms

    Consider a 9 x 12-inch rug for your living room or one large enough to cover all your furniture and provide extra space on the side for a unified look.

    What's the Best Place for an Extra Large Rug?

    Compared to several small ones, an oversized rug can make a space look and feel larger. Measure the room's dimensions first, then choose an oversized rug that can lie within 12 inches of the walls. That is the best place for oversized rugs in large rooms.

    Always choose a size that is large enough to fit underneath furniture. That way, it won't look like a postage stamp in the middle of the room. It will make the space look pulled together and facilitate future furniture placement.

    If your living room is spacious, you can layer your oversize rugs with smaller ones for an interesting look or create different zones. Each seating arrangement per zone can have its rug arrangement. Scatter smaller accent rugs across the room to bring the space together.

    The bottom line is oversized rugs are great if you want to keep a large space consistent. Besides this, they absorb sound, frame art, and furniture beautifully and get warm from the fireplace to heat an entire room. You can also use one to create a unique space in the middle of a room or merge an odd extension with the rest of the space.

    The Best Designs for Oversize Rugs

    You can find oversize rugs in several different designs at The-Rugs, but the popular ones include the following:


    Shag oversize rugs provide a unique texture and appearance to a space. They are super soft to the touch, making them pleasant to walk on, and they also feel extra cosy during cold weather if placed right next to a blazing fireplace.


    Square oversize rugs have four equal sides and are available in a variety of patterns and colours from The Rugs. These are best for square spaces but can also provide an interesting look in a round space.


    Round oversize rugs can make a space feel larger than it is since they prevent it from seeming claustrophobic. A small, square space can feel spacious with these in the middle. Experiment with patterns and colours for a unique look.

    Get Affordable Oversized Rugs from The Rugs

    Oversize rugs, if placed strategically, can do wonders for your living space and even where you relax. Whether you are searching for quality rugs for your bedroom, living room, dining room, or office, check out the selection at The Rugs.

    We offer the best rates in the market for traditional, Oriental, and Persian rugs. Contact us for more information or to get help with your rug selection. We will be more than happy to assist!

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