Easiest Rug Ideas For Your Home

Aug 20, 2023

Rugs can maximise the aesthetics, introduce texture, and provide a cozy ambiance to any room, with the bedroom being particularly well-suited for these attributes. Adding a rug into your bedroom decor can create a harmonious look, infuse additional shades, and increase visual appeal. Moreover, they offer the added benefit of making a chilly, unyielding hardwood floor feel more inviting. Rugs have the versatility to complement nearly any bedroom setting. 

A Rug on Top?  

Having carpet in the bedroom doesn't prevent the possibility of layering a rug on top. In reality, carpet can easily match with a rug, particularly when the rug features neutral or coordinating colours. 

Use Rugs In Small Spaces, too 

Rugs make wonderful effects even in compact and small bedrooms. They introduce an additional layer of style and provide a comfortable surface for your feet, especially on chilly mornings. 


Patterns All Over the Room 

While rugs can introduce color, style, and texture, they also have the potential to introduce an abundance of patterns into your bedroom. Opt for a rug with a eye-catching pattern to make a striking statement in your bedroom, and don't limit yourself to just one pattern—consider incorporating other patterns as well, such as patterned duvet covers and wallpaper, to add depth and visual interest to the space. 

How to Place Your Rug 

Ideal placement for a rug can be a bit challenging, but there are many ways to suit both your room's dimensions and your personal style. If you're working with a smaller rectangular or square rug, consider positioning it at the foot of the bed, with the rug extending beneath the front legs of the bed. 



Grey Rugs Are the Safest Option  

If you're unsure about the type of rug to choose for your bedroom, a plain gray rug is a great option. Opt for one with a subtle, understated pattern to prevent the rug from appearing overly dull. 

Faded Colours 

Contemporary rug designs often feature faded patterns, and this choice is quite popular today for several reasons. The muted colors blend seamlessly into various settings, while the subtle patterns introduce a hint of elegance. 

Are You Indecisive? White Rugs! 

If you are struggling to choose the right rug for your bedroom among too many options, it's often practical to stick with what has worked in the past. In most cases, a small white rug will effortlessly fulfill your needs. 


Use Chevron Rugs  

Chevron rug patterns are an excellent choice for creating a playful atmosphere in your bedroom. Their vibrant colors and eye-catching patterns inject a sense of whimsy into a frequently overlooked area—the bedroom floor. 

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