Apr 1, 2022

In this blog today, we will be talking about the design trends that are coming back. These are the things that maybe we’re in the style decades ago but they are back again! This just goes to show that every trend is cyclical. Things tend to come back in a slightly different way and that’s what we would like to highlight today. So, let’s jump in!

Design Trends That Are Coming Back: Beige Interiors

Alright, the very first trend I will talk about today is beige interiors. I’ve actually talked about this trend already on the Warm Minimalism blog. It’s been lately so popular to see any beiges tones like caramel, rich brown or chocolate tones. (Am I getting hungry?) 🍫 All these different sorts of beigey and warm tones are in. If you lived through the 90s or have a specific interest in 90’s fashion and design trends, you might remember the beige tones dominating our interiors actually. They will be a little bit more nuanced. I would say they will have a lot richer tones. As I’ve just mentioned above things tend to come back in a slightly different way. The difference we will see is the texture and materials being used. If you fancy having this vintage trend back in your home, click to see these lovely beige rugs.

Design Trends That Are Coming Back: Art Deco

I must have also mentioned about Art Deco trend in this blog. See? They are working. 😎 If you’d like to see what Art Deco is in a nutshell and how you can adapt this trend in your home, give it a read as well. I think I shouldn’t be giving their names here but when I visited some of the biggest home decoration brand’s websites, on their homepage they were showcasing their Art Deco collections. Even mainstream retailers are seeing big potential in this trend. Art Deco trend is definitely ideal for people who love to create luxurious and retro ambiance.


Maximalism always feels like it has an 80s vibe. This is a trend that is definitely making a comeback. Not everybody but some people are kind of tired of minimalism. I know some people look at the minimal stuff, decoration, or design and they get like ‘’So, where is the stuff, the color, the fun or story-telling?’’ Because some people really want it in their space. People now are looking to reflect more on story-telling and show their personality in their space. They want to create something that’s really interesting and uniquely their own. And everyone is right in their own way. I’m not talking about clutter. I’m talking about intentional décor and items that are in your space and reflect a piece from you.

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