The History of Oriental Rugs: From Ancient Persia to Modern Décor

Sep 18, 2023

      Carpet weaving is an ancient art that has been practised for thousands of years. From hand-woven carpets to mechanically manufactured rugs, the warm and intricate floor covering has come a long way. 

But how did the unique tradition of woven carpets become so popular? 

Let’s learn about the brief history of Oriental rugs, which are a unique blend of sophisticated style and welcoming comfort and have come a long way from ancient Persia to modern homes. 

The Origins of Oriental Rugs

By definition, Oriental rugs are hand-woven carpets. These carpets are made using organic fibres like wool and silk on a loom to create intricate designs in rich hues and thick piles. 

Ancient Persian rugs are a specific type of Oriental rug that emerged as a treasured art form in Persia (modern-day Iran). Persians specifically refined the art of hand-woven rug making to create special carpets featuring unique designs, vibrant colours and chunky piles. 

According to the records, Oriental rug history can be dated back to over 2,000 years ago. The earliest recorded evidence of Oriental carpets can be found in Chinese texts from the Sassanid era (224–641 A.D.). Moreover, the oldest carpet in the world, the Pazyryk carpet found in Siberia, is known to be woven in 500 B.C. The treasured possession of the prince intricately features fine details like the elk and horse riders.

Ancient Persian rugs remained one of the most sought-after possessions for centuries as they symbolised royalty and status. 

During the Renaissance Era, which marks the transition to modernity, Oriental rugs began to become popular around the world. They quickly became an integral part of the Royal courts in Europe and emerged as a symbol of status and luxury in the West.  

Modern-Day Oriental Rugs 

Modern-day Oriental rugs are now manufactured worldwide, but the production of these hand-woven carpets applies the same ancient techniques which were used centuries ago in Persia. 

The manufacturers of Oriental rugs still prefer organic fibres, including silk, cotton, and wool, but you can also find Persian rugs made using synthetic materials such as nylon. However, organic materials, specifically wool, remain a preferred choice as they are resilient fibres that are durable and easy to maintain. 

Modern-day Oriental rugs still feature authentic designs that reflect the culture of the region of its origin. However, manufacturers now are incorporating patterns and colours that better reflect their potential customer's preferences and tastes. 

Oriental Rugs in Modern Décor 

Oriental rugs are still one of the most sought-after choices in modern décor. Whether you're decorating your home or office space, Oriental rugs add a luxurious appeal. The unique designs and vibrant colours add warmth and texture to your room. Moreover, they can be cherished as a functional and decorative element for any space. 

Oriental Rugs for You 

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